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The world's first block chain product safety traceability system was released.

The encrypted currency of the purpose of name is being launched at the moment. Ali, Baidu, Tencent, Jingdong, Suning, millet and many other domestic Internet giants have stepped up the layout of the block chain area. Internet business giants with a direct competitive relationship, in succession into the block chain at the same time, in the area of block chain also have their own focus. Tencent's infrastructure, Ali, is a step-by-step process among several Internet giants. Tencent was the first to publish a white paper on block chains. In April 2017, Tencent released the "Block Chain Scheme White Paper", which shows that Tencent's block chain design principles and objectives are to provide enterprise-level block chain infrastructure, industry solutions. Specifically, Tencent Block Chain will focus on independent innovation, build block chain infrastructure, open internal service capabilities, share with industry partners, jointly promote the development of a credible Internet, and create a win-win ecosystem of block chain. This is Tencent's design principles and objectives in the area of block chain. It is not difficult to see that Tencent wants to build block chain infrastructure to serve the entire ecology. Alibaba, which is mainly responsible for the block chain research and implementation of the land is ant gold clothing, but so far ant gold clothing has not issued a white paper on block chain. For now, Alibaba is somewhat cautious in the development of block chains. As can be seen from the publicly known information, over the past two years, the ant block chain has moved from public welfare to mutual insurance, commodity traceability, rental housing traceability and so on. At present, the patents of block chain obtained by ant gold clothing mainly focus on the underlying technology of block chain, such as consensus mechanism, platform architecture, privacy protection and intelligent contract. At present, these technical capabilities are used in public welfare, food safety and so on. Baidu also did not issue a block chain-related white paper, but from the perspective of its development path, Baidu's focus is mainly on the financial sector, mainly in the capital securitization.